Message from President


          Thai Special Gas Co., Ltd. (TSG) was established on May 4, 1995 by Mr. Toshiaki Nakano who has experiences in industrial gases and special gases for more than 30 years.  Mr. Nakano is currently serving as the President of the company.  Although the company is founded and managed by Japanese,TSG is solely a Thai company which is fully funded by Thai capital and has no oversea parent company.  This allows TSG to provide our customers with the highest standard products and services at reasonable price without losing the touch of a Japanese-led company.

          Our core business is providing customers with the highest quality of gases and one-stop service for all gas-related needs such as tank and pipeline installation, gas equipment, gas certification,  certified technical training, prompt delivery, and customer care.  Our work and products are guaranteed by many years of experience in the gas industry and top Japanese-style of management.  TSG complies with the internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, and ISO 17025 for laboratory room. 


Quality Company

                 Satisfactory safety control for customers.

                 Satisfactory price for customers.

                 Satisfactory quality for customers.

                 Satisfactory delivery for customers.

                 Satisfactory human relation with customers.



Thai Special Gas Co., Ltd. will be the manufacturer, distributor and service provider

Gas industry with quality international standards. As well as reduce environmental impact

caused by products and services



                    1. The management of safety and environmental performance

                    2. The development of products and services to the satisfaction of customers

                    3. The development Personnel and be aware of the Social Responsibility

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