Compressed Gas
   Industrial Gas
   Ultra Hight Purity Gas
   Mixture Gas
   Special Gas


  Liquid Gas
   Liquid Argon
   Liquid Carbon Dioxide
   Liquid Nitrogen
   Liquid Oxygen
   LP / Propane

  Gas Equipment
   Industrial Regurator
   Special Regurator
   Cryogenics Dewar
   Portable Liquid Container
   Cylinder Valve CGA Standard

  Engineering Service
   Tank & Equipment Installation
   Gas Supply Pipeline
   LPG Air Type Vaporizer Design & Installation

   Calibration & Yearly Inspection Service
   Training Service
   Civil Work & Utility System

  Traning Service
  Safety in the use of industrial gases Course
   - Related laws
   - Gas properties

   - Leack, check for leacks
   - Fire protection and suppression
   - Systems and equipment of gas tanks

Laboratory Service
   Our Laboratory have an accreditation
ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to testing
   High quality products
   High performance equipment

   Quality Certificate   
   Gas on-site service  

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