QC & Lab

TSG 's laboratory is one of the most advance gas laboratories in Thailand, and fully applies Domestic and International standard


TSG Gas Testing Lab is the leading testing lab in Thailand.

A lab with over 20 years of industrial gas experience

With modern tools and certified ISO/IEC 17025 standards as our strong points, we are a supplier of a wide range of gas. We assure the gas quality by testing before delivery to the customer. We also provide gas testing services by our laboratory.

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แล็ป TSG คือแล็ปที่ใช้มาตลอด ทำงานได้รวดเร็วและมีมาตรฐานดีมาก เครื่องมือมีมาตรฐานสูง
บางรายการทดสอบที่คิดว่าหาทดสอบในไทยได้ยาก ที่ TSG มี และออก รายงาน ได้ตามมาตรฐาน เป็น One Stop Service เรื่องแก๊สจริงๆ

Pressure gauge calibration

The calibration of pressure gauges in the lab is important

Because your business must be 100% safe

Calibrating pressure gauges is an important task, calibration help ensure that the pressure measuring equipment used is highly accurate which provides reliable and precise results.The is crucial in ensuring the accuracy and safety of production processes, by calibrating pressure gauges, You can have a reliable standard for measuring pressure and accuracy which can help improve the efficiency and quality of production. This is especially important for our in maintaining safety standards and producing high quality products.


TSG commit to the gas analysis standard to ensure the quality of all gas, such as Cryogenic bulk, High purity gas, Mixture gas, and refrigerants, which comply with Thai standard that customer require. Our laboratory is certified with ISO/IEC 17025 by TISI ( Thai Industrial Standards Institute). We have the competency to continue and maintain the level of analysis at our laboratory, thus we can issue official testing reports to the customer. Not only gas analysis at our laboratory, we can provide onsite analysis service to analyze Cryogenic gas, mixture gas and the calibration of pressure gauge, and provide testing reports to the customer