When it comes to gas, we know your business.

Leading businesses in Thailand use TSG’s business gas.

Female worker holding flex circuit in flexible electronics factory clean room

Electronics and Electronic Devices

TSG supplies gases and services to the electronics industry such as nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and liquefied petroleum gas, including other gases that customers need to use in the production of electronic circuit boards, electrical components, assembly of electronic devices, and production of solar panels, installation of gas distribution systems, gas pipes, including all types of gas-related equipment. Our focus is on products that are environmentally friendly and safe for users. We are ready to be part of the driving force for your business to achieve sustainable and stable goals.


The automotive and auto parts industry is important in driving Thailand’s continuous economic growth. TSG is part of the support by selling nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, liquefied petroleum gas, including other gases that customers need. Ranging from the manufacturing process of metal parts and plastic parts that are the main components in the production of auto parts to the car assembly process. At the same time, the automotive industry has evolved and adapted to new technologies from the production system to the new safety, TSG is therefore ready to embrace this adaptation by using every product that we have to be part of the development and growth with new technology in the automotive industry.

Brand New Engine at Factory

Metal Work

We provide quality gases to meet the needs of our customers in the metal industry in the manufacturing process, metal forging, forming, cutting, welding or structural work. Our products have been developed to be part of driving your business to be a solution to increase productivity, reduce fuel consumption and other costs to maximize profits for the business, and pay attention to the environmental friendliness simultaneously.

Medicine and Chemistry

In the medical business, we have medical gas available for sale to various agencies such as medical oxygen, nitrous oxide, helium, gas used for disinfecting medical devices, for freezing as well as all necessary gases for laboratories. And we are also ready to provide installation services of gas distribution systems by a knowledgeable and experienced team who is ready to care for and maintain the equipment to be in a ready-to-use condition.

Young Woman at Food Factory

Food and Beverages

Food business is a very important business. TSG supplies gas to meet the needs of customers in every step of the quality food and beverage production process, such as heating food, cooking or sterilization, cooling for freezing, making soft drinks, using gas to make food last longer, and laboratory analysis. We also have food grade gas that customers can be confident that they are absolutely safe for consumers.


In addition to the main businesses namely electronics and electronic devices, auto parts, metal work, medicine and chemistry, food and beverages as mentioned above, TSG can also provide gas services in a variety of other businesses, whether it is manufacturing tires or rubber products, glass industry, and agriculture. If you are unsure about the gas usage, you can consult TSG’s experienced team directly.