Engineering & Service

TSG offers a full range of engineering services from design, installation to commissions and periodic test
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Engineering & Service

Apart from industrial products, TSG offers a full range of engineering services ranging from the design of industrial gas systems, construction of gas storage stations and gas distribution systems, inspection and maintenance services, including testing of safety equipment as well as training with a team of experts who are continuously supported to develop talent. We have over 28 years of experience in the gas industry and other services to the customers, such as:


Gas system design


Construction of gas storage stations/ gas distribution systems


Preventive maintenance

test g

Safety valve and pressure gauge testing


Gas leak detector installation

Yearly test

Annual license renewal

     TSG’s engineering team has a strong and effective collaboration between departments, between sales and customer service, safety and quality control departments. They are ready to serve customers quickly and attentive to provide services to solve potential customer problems in a timely manner to achieve excellence in meeting customer needs. Therefore, we have gained strong trust from customers across various industries.