TSG Technology

Delivery quality product as highest service level of reliability through latest advance Technology


SAP enterprise management system

Because technology is the utmost priority

   TSG chooses SAP’s Enterprise Management System, popular among large organizations globally, for the most seamless and efficient management and communication to all customers and suppliers.

TSG CYlinder management system

We focus just not about quantity but quality and traceability.

   In order to manage cylinder business with more than 1 million cylinders per year, TSG develop our own CMS(Cylinder management system) : applying QR code/Barcode scanner to trace all cylinders activity to ensure best quality and delivery to all TSG customer 

Real time inventory monitoring

We Know when you need

   Real time liquid inventory management installed on bulk gas tanks allows us to always know the quantity of the remaining cryogenic gas in the tanks. This system helps TSG’s Supply chain team to know the status of the stock level at customer site tanks and plan the delivery efficiently. Focused towards managing transport to achieve highest effectiveness and efficiency

Closeup of pins on the map planning travel journey
tRAnsport management system

Routing is no longer a problem.

   Efficient transport planning reduces the waiting time between loads, provides short and fast routes and the best delivery. That is why TSG can deliver gas pipes to its customers quickly, which has always been one of our strong points.

Man with beautiful brown eye color
safe Distribution

Driver 's Behavior Detection

   The technology which detects the eyes of the TSG drivers can detect fatigue and ensure that every driver is prepared for safe  driving all the time