We organized training on "Industrial Gas Safety Course" for the customers.

Industrial Gas Safety Course


Industrial Gas Safety Course

At present, many gas are used in the production process such as industrial gas, fuel gas etc. Also well known as fuel gas, oxidized gas asphyxiating and toxic has different hazards.

If the operator does not have the knowledge and understanding and does not know how to operate correctly, serious accidents may occur.

Therefore, we organize training on “Industrial Gas Safety Course” for the customers who use our gas. This course will provide knowledge to prevent accidents.

The training course covers the following subjects:

  1. Laws relevant to gas
  2. Features and benefits of gas
  3. Gas hazards
  4. Fire prevention and suppression
  5. Leak detection
  6. Systems and equipment related to gas

We have provided training to customers who install new gas systems and those who wish to renew the knowledge of the operators. We also provide consultation on safe gas usage.